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    Rune Spells

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    Rune Spells

    Post by Widow on Wed Nov 12, 2014 9:52 pm

    Rune Magic

    This magic is focused on rune magic, which is the ancient practice of enchanted runes to use in combat or to fill down a goal such as teleportation or sealing of a certain object, or even soul. My request is that there will also be a 'rune' skill which one could train to reach certain spells. I also studied on runes so that the rune phrases will be in brackets next to the spells too, it gives a more roleplay-like explanation in my opinion.

    Type of Magic

    List of Spells
    1. Rune Identification (Identify a certain rune to level up your skill, it takes a lot of time.)
    2. Golden Duplication (Duplicate your gold, this can only be done once and there will be a limit.) ('Mannaz' 'Naudiz' 'Fehu' 'Odal')

    3. Teleportation (Make a portal for a limited time to a location which you already visited.) ('Hagalaz' 'Raidou')

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