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    Ophid the Admin {?}


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    Ophid the Admin {?}

    Post by Ophid on Wed Nov 05, 2014 7:18 am

    First Name: Chance
    Time Zone: Central
    BYOND Key(s): Yuki Uchisan

    Position: Administrator (Lorekeeper if the position remains as such.)

    Why you're suitable for the above position: Well, I am a returning administrator from the previous version of GoM. Although I didn't do much in the role, as the production came to a close before the rework was completed. I would like to redeem myself in this position, as I have handfuls of experience in the administrator position. As I've mentioned before I am a Roleplay Master in the game NinOnline, although the game's production is on and off. I've been roleplaying for probably around eight years now so I know it's limits and I have the social capabilities of tending to a crowd, or even to a single player. Another reason I believe I could fit the position well is my understanding of the game's mechanics. I understand it has undergone a revamp, but the structure I'd imagine remains the same, if not more advanced, none-the-less my knowledge on the game's background is a solid perk.

    Any previous experience relating to the above position: 

    • 8+ years of RP.
    • NinOnline RP Master.
    • Previous Administrator on Guilds of Magic.
    • Admin on a number of Naruto/Bleach RPGs across BYOND.

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