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    Types of Magic

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    Types of Magic

    Post by Mask of Illusion on Tue Nov 04, 2014 5:52 pm

    Within Guilds of Magic there exists several types of magic, each type of magic has it's own categorisations within that and each category has it's own magic. Each magic is made up of multiple spells and passive abilities which define that magic and make it unique.

    This post highlights the different types of magic, it doesn't go into the individual types but once this guide is complete you should be able to access them from here.

    Regular Magic

    This is the most common category of magic, those who wield regular magic may not be unique in the type of magic they have but that doesn't mean that they can't be one of the most powerful beings of their time. Regular magic can be found quite easily as it's often studied openly and encouraged upon younger generations, there may be a common academy of Magic or two that allow regular people to join if they meet specifications to study magic. Or your lineage may be gifted in a particular magic, allowing you to inherit it from ancestors you never knew existed.

    Ancient Magic

    Teachings of old that have been lost or outlawed, ancient magic covers a select few types of magic that may have been forgotten about over time or made illegal due to it's nature. Ancient magic is a lot harder to come by than regular magic, often passed down in secret through families or studied by hermits away from society.

    Dragon Magic

    The language of the Dragons is thought to be long gone, since the old God's have forsaken the Earth and have not been seen for millennia. There are many people who don't even acknowledge that they ever existed. Dragon Magic harnesses the spirit of a Dragon, often the spell's are difficult to master due to the fact that they are spoken in the dead language known only to Dragons.

    Devil Magic

    Peace is a lie, there's only passion. The power wielded by Demons and those cursed to bear their mark, Devil Magic could be considered an empowered version of elemental magic. Devil Magic users are able to consume their respective element to regain lost magic and most notably are able to instantly use their element without warning. Emphasising the destructive nature that their power holds, Devil Magic users have an advantage over their regular magic elemental counterpart.

    God Magic

    The polar opposite to Devil Magic, according to myth this power was wielded by the God's themselves. As with Devil Magic, God Magic could be considered an empowered version of elemental magic. However until Devil Magic, this is not shared by Demons and is not empowered by the sins of the user. Instead God Magic holds to it's name, capable of dominating it's regular counterpart and even a Dragon if their element's are the same. God Magic rules over those lower than it's self, capable of taking down a God in the right hands.

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